Semi Recessed Bar Sink

Anawalt Ceramics


Beyond Basins,

     When the ordinary simply won't do .  

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Phone: 925-932-8676 for detailed information and quotations.

Sample tiles are availabe.

Color matching services are available.

Mold making for your own design is available.




Dare to be different.

Industries Served:     Residential   *  Small Commercial 

*  Luxury Yachts and Coaches

Powder Room  - Master Bath  -  Bar  -  Library  -  Children's Bath

Conference Room Bath  -  Kitchenette

Contact us to find out how to use your existing counter tops

when replacing an old sink. See details attached.


Granite Top Saved.

This custom shaped sink was made to accommodate an incorrect cut out for a single hole faucet.

Working Beautifully!



Phone (925) 932-8676 CA. USA

Anawalt Ceramics designs and manufacturers fine custom sinks. Our tradition of customer satisfaction is a long and rich one and has stood the true test - the test of time.  Call us to find a dealer near you.  



Custom designs, mold making and unique requirements are our specialty.

Fitting in Existing Cut Outs:

We can fit our basins into most any existing counter top cut out. 

Easily replace that old sink with something new and exciting.


White, biscuit, color matching, industry standard or outrageous - call on Anawalt. All colors are transferable to all sizes and shapes.


Each basin is hand made with overflow chambers glazed for easy, sanitary care.


Download Innovative Samples pdf.

Oval Basins

Ovals Sculpted

Vessels:-Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval,   Hexagon

Color Chart   Color List

Shipping Information


Over twenty five years of excellence.

Semi-Recessed Flotation - Gold Marble
Semi-Recessed Flotation Black Onyx
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